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D2C Agency Part of A Business Puzzle

We are the missing piece of your marketing puzzle.

As a D2C brand, the most important thing that scales is your story! The issue is most brands that scale, have different agencies for creative content and digital advertising.

Both have to achieve the same goal (to eventually get more sales) but have completely different KPIs! This is where D2C brands find it hard to scale.

When you partner with Growth Factory (Best D2C Agency), you get a tailored growth squad of proven experts that understand your business and are committed to helping you achieve rapid growth that taps into your full potential. We are a team built on the belief that when the right people and ideas connect, everything is possible.

D2C Agency Part of A Business Puzzle

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A growing D2C business goes through many stages

which stage are you at right now?

Stage 1


Think Stage | Growthfactoryy

Stage 2


Launch Stage | Growthfactoryy

Stage 3


Scale Stage | Growthfactoryy | D2C Agency

Stage 4


Optimise Stage | Growthfactoryy | D2C Agency

Benefits for a D2C brand

when you partner with GrowthFactoryy (Best D2C Agency)


Extended Marketing Team

As your Marketing Marshall, we help your brand attract & retain more customers which leads to exponential sales growth.


Magic Potion of Performance

Instead of waiting for your target audience to find you magically, we leverage our digital superpowers to reach your customers.


Partner in Crime & Content

Great Copy wins Conversions. We step up your Content Game so that you never experience the pain of “just missing a sale”!


Quick (and more) Checkouts

We help your business steer through the competitive digital landscape to drive faster checkouts & hit milestones quicker.


Data Driven Battalion

All marketing is going digital, all digital is measurable! We declutter your campaigns & funnels keeping data at the root levels.


Performance Butler

Serving greater measurability, targetability and effectiveness customised to your brand’s growth journey.

Clients & Results


Online Electronics Store

Grew from 200 to 900 orders per day with an avg of ROAS of 28
840% Increase in per day orders
Electronics Brand Scaled By Growthfactoryy | Best D2C Agency

Ad Performance for Electronics Reseller​

Dashboard Evidence | Growthfactoryy | D2C Agency
UK Cosmetic Brand | Growthfactoryy | D2C Agency


B2C Cosmetics Brand

Grew from 100 to 700 orders per day with an avg of ROAS of 9

9X Increase in per day orders



Dashboard Evidence | Growthfactoryy | D2C Agency


B2C Mattress Brand

Reduced spends by 50% per month with a of ROAS of 4

320% Increase in per day orders

Mattress Brand | Growthfactoryy | D2C Agency

Ad Performance for MATTRESS

* We only open 12 slots every month *

How we work

with D2C brands when you partner with the best D2C Agency

Step 1


To bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, we go deep into understanding your brand story and vision.

Step 2


We dive deep to study your brand performance & thoroughly analyse every important detail. Hang tight, this is the secret sauce to success in the making!

Step 3


Customised roadmap for the way ahead and how we will smash milestone by milestone as we travel the digital landscape & keep you at the top of your game.

Step 4


Welcome Aboard & Breathe Easy! You are now in safe hands as we take complete ownership to scale new heights. Time to Level UP!

Growth Marketing Services

that we deploy for D2C & eCommerce brands

Funnel Usage | Growthfactoryy
Funnel Optimisation

Aligning your brand's top, middle and bottom-of-the-funnel tactics with strategic, creative and performance excellence

Performance Marketing | D2C Agency | Growthfactoryy
Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing Working at the intersection of data-backed performance, relevant & unique creative strategy & continuous optimisation

Creative Strategy | D2C Agency | Growthfactoryy
Creative Strategy

Diving deep into your target audience persona, we develop a creative strategy unique to your business & brand story

Optimizations Using Data | Growthfactoryy
Conversion Rate Optimisation

Work on improving every step of the funnel to decrease drop-off rates and transform your leads into loyalists

Funnel Approach | Growthfactoryy Best D2C Agency

Growth Factory’s Crew is Obsessed with your Success!

We are the most trusted ecommerce & D2C Agency by brands from across the globe for our ROI driven approach.

In the increasingly complex digital landscape, our crew of passionate marketers have handled millions of dollars in monthly advertising spends to unlock unique growth loops & maximise business revenue potential.

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Drive your brand’s performance game to the next level and smash through previously set benchmarks. Book a call with us to get a sneak peek into the sauce that we’ve been cookin’!

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​Our experience-driven curriculum prepares you to leverage the power of digital mediums to connect with new & repeating customers to sell your products & services more efficiently.